Published: 20th May 2011

The Practitioners Advisory Group, which is made up of four members including John Rhodes of Quod, today launched their draft National Planning Policy Framework.  The draft was prepared by the group to inform the Government on the preparation of their own draft NPPF, which is due to be published for consultation in July.  You can see the draft by following the link

The suggested draft for the NPPF promises to deliver a  significant change in national planning policy, with a dramatic simplification of planning guidance, whilst delivering on the Government’s promise of sustainable growth.

John Rhodes, Director of Quod, said:

‘It has been a privilege to be given the opportunity to work with the Group and to be given the opportunity to contribute to the debate about finding a fit for purpose planning system. Reform is necessary to reduce complexity, devolve power and to make planning more accessible to all those that it affects. But reform is also necessary to drive growth – responsible growth that can deliver the development, the places and the environment that the country deserves.’