Published: 6th July 2017

Quod was delighted to support LandAid’s Grenfell Tower Appeal following the recent tragic events and received the following note from Paul Morrish, LandAid Chief Executive:

“A huge thank you to everyone at Quod for your amazing donation of £10,000 to LandAid’s Grenfell Tower Appeal. You, along with a host of companies across the property industry have responded to the terrible events in North Kensington with such generosity – at the close of the Appeal last Friday, we had raised over £250,000. All the money we’ve raised is going to the British Red Cross and through them directly to those affected by the fire. We’ve been in close liaison with teams at the BRC to coordinate the transfer of funds, and hand-delivered the first payment of £85,000 just the other day.

The property industry is very generous. When it works together, it can achieve extraordinary social change and impact. We were delighted to be able to provide a route through which that generosity could be expressed.

Our very best wishes, and thanks.”