Published: 1st July 2015

On Tuesday, the North York Moors National Park Authority (NYMNPA) voted to approve an application by Sirius Minerals. The proposals include a 1,500m mine sunk beneath the park and a 23 mile tunnel under the moors to convey the potash to docks at Teesside. The NYMNPA committee decided that the economic benefits outweighed the potential for environmental harm.

York Potash Project Overview

The £1.7 billion project will create over 1,000 permanent jobs in the north east of England. It will also create a peak of 1,700 jobs during construction. Exports of £1.2bn generated by the mine each year would significantly reduce the UK’s trade deficit. The mine would contribute over £1bn annually to GDP and would have local and national benefits in terms of royalty payments, tax and indirect jobs.

York Potash aims to deliver a world leading design, setting a benchmark in sustainable economic development in a sensitive landscape, and aiming to ensure that the impact on the National Park is kept to a minimum.

Congratulations to York Potash (Sirius Minerals)!

Quod supported York Potash in demonstrating the national significance of the proposals, providing a robust planning case to illustrate how the local and national economic benefits outweighed the potential for harm to the National Park.

For further information, please contact John Rhodes, Andy Hunt or Sasha Gordon.