Published: 1st July 2013

Quod are delighted to be sponsoring an event with the London RTPI Young Planners and other built environment institutes to explore the opportunities and challenges of realising temporary projects in an evolving city.

In the nineteenth century, Darwin published his theory of evolution, a theory that revolutionised public and private thought. The theory stated:

…that neither the strongest nor most intelligent will survive, but those which are able to adapt most effectively.

London itself is in a constant state of flux, evolving to meet the needs and desire of each passing generation. As buildings and spaces look to survive and remain relevant, how do we decide what is best for them, to replace them, to adapt, or to remove?

Across London vacant sites and buildings stand waiting for change as potential opportunities for new activity. From Boxpark and Hackney House in Shoreditch, to the Serpentine Gallery Pavillion in Hyde Park, temporary uses have become a new way of acting as catalysts in the life and fabric of our city.

Click here for further details on the event.