Tall Buildings Map

Explore the interactive map below to pinpoint tall buildings in key cities across England – London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Newcastle/Gateshead.

The map is based on LIDAR data (heights measured by laser from a plane). As well as buildings it includes a wide variety of structures including pylons, cranes, chimneys and even the occasional magnificent tree. We’ve highlighted in yellow everything taller than 30 metres (roughly 10 storeys), with buildings over 75m or 100m picked out in orange and red. The heights are relative to an estimate of the ground level at that point.

Note this interactive map is intended for exploration and interest, but should not be relied upon. The data is unverified, the processing of LIDAR data can produce anomalies, and readings have been taken on different dates – some buildings have been completed or demolished since readings were taken. Not all of every city is covered.