Published: 7th July 2015

Last night the RTPI Awards for Planning Excellence took place in Central London. The awards highlighted exceptional examples of planning and celebrated the contribution that planners and planning make to society. The event was attended by 450 people, comprising the finalists of the 14 award categories and key individuals in UK planning.

Matthew Small presented the award for Excellence in Planning to Deliver Infrastructure…congratulations to the worthy winners – National Planning Framework 3 & the Scottish Planning Policy – prepared by the Scottish Government.

Quod would also like to congratulate Thames Tideway Tunnel who won both the award for Excellence in Planning to Create Economically Successful Places and the Silver Jubilee Cup. Quod acted as strategic planning adviser to Thames Water for the Thames Tideway Tunnel DCO application, the largest DCO application yet to be made and examined by PINS. Quod also provided expert witness evidence to the examination and detailed advice on the draft DCO documentation.

Quod sponsored the celebratory drinks which followed the main awards ceremony. This part of the evening proved to be a great opportunity to meet the winners and discuss their projects and work in more detail.