Published: 7th March 2017

Quod’s Tim Waring, who sits on Leeds Chamber Property Forum launched a new report on behalf of the Chamber on the 7th March looking into the commercial, economic and social opportunities of vibrant waterfront in Leeds.

The report, entitled “Leeds: A Waterfront City”, puts forward the premise that with the forthcoming arrival of HS2 and the redevelopment of the South Bank area of Leeds, the waterfront stops being the southern boundary city centre and instead moves it to it’s heart, and consequently brings enormous opportunity to advance the city culturally, socially and economically.

Tim, who chaired the Waterfront Group responsible for the Chamber’s Report, said when releasing the document that “During the city’s industrial heyday, Leeds waterfront played an important role in trade coming into and out of the region. The legacy from this era is one of fantastic architecture but with limited access to the river in places. Further development during the 1980s and 90s also saw properties paying only limited attention to the waterfront. The Chamber are very keen to see a new focus on the waterfront, it being a key link between the emerging developments south of the city centre and the existing commercial area in the city centre.


The Chamber is therefore calling for the creation of a Waterfront District which will provide improved activity, attractiveness and accessibility in this area. Future development within South Bank Leeds, Holbeck, the New West End, Quarry Hill, Leeds Innovation District along with the redevelopment of Leeds Station are all hugely positive and reflect the confidence the City is now projecting to the world. It is important that the most is made of Leeds Waterfront to ensure it becomes the heart of what is fast becoming the home of a thriving business district.”

To receive a copy of the report please contact the Leeds Chamber on 0113 247 0000.