Published: 1st July 2015

Today the Airports Commission has published its final report, which sets out its recommendations to government for expanding aviation capacity in the UK. The Commission unanimously concluded that a third runway at Heathrow, and specifically Heathrow Airport’s proposal for a northwest runway, is the most credible option for expansion, combined with a significant package of measures to address environmental and community impacts.

The final Airports Commission report confirms that a third runway at Heathrow could add £147 billion to the economy and provide 70,000 local/regional jobs by 2050. Nationally, up to 180,000 jobs could be provided by 2050.

Quod is proud to have been part of Heathrow’s team working to build the strategic case for expansion at Heathrow, including quantifying the economic benefits of growth and providing strategic planning advice.

For further information please contact John Rhodes, Andy Hunt or Sarah Price.